Every body, be happy!

"I've always thought Women look better naked." 

One of my favourite quotes by Gaby Aghion - the founder of Parisian fashion house Chloé. Some, I know, may take offence to this quote however I view it as a celebration of Women. We are even more beautiful when we are our most pure, truest self and natural form. Yet this worries (and sometimes can even scare) so many of us girls. 

Yesterday at work, I was doing a little people watching and started looking at how women in particular dress. I began to notice how we all possess so many different body types and each are individually unique and beautiful in their own way. Although many of us girls haven't yet realised this within ourselves, I get this sense of energy that we are gradually becoming more open, accepting and liberated towards our bodies. However, it's a tricky subject for us. Because whether you like to dress your body from head to toe or choose to show some skin - females are prone to getting some slack either way. It's kinda a lose lose situation, but I'm all for making it a win win!

A woman's body and how she chooses to present herself has changed so dramatically throughout the years - we can almost match certain bodies to particular decades just like music or fashion. During my early teenage years, I found it almost impossible to accept how my body shape was changing. At the time it was considered 'fashionable' to have a skinny, tall and somewhat unrealistic body (especially for a 13 year old). I would look at models in magazines and realise I would never look like them and I gradually became obsessed with trying to make my body something it naturally couldn't be. I was slim, curvy and 5ft 6 (I know, how awful?!), not skinny, lean and 5ft 11. Back then unfortunately I was too young to see how lucky I was, but this is all about growth (hey even now it’s so easy to become influenced and feel the pressure). Well, it's took me almost a decade since but I'm proud to say I LOVE MY BODY! I've gradually accepted every inch, flaws and all - I know what works for my body, whether that comes down to my diet or dress sense. Each morning I'm super grateful that quite simply, I'm healthy - that's a blessing already.

I know some of you may be in progress of making positive changes and effects towards your body, and some are probably even too hard on yourself (we've all been there). It's a shame because the truth is, no matter what the media or industries tell us or what we are surrounded by everyday, every body has its own beauty. Life is too short! And amongst all the darkness, there is so much beauty to discover in this world - we can’t all sit around complaining or go on some crazy fitness course waiting and longing for our bodies to feel accepted by society. Love yourself and ignore the rest.

The saying is true, you cannot love anyone until you love yourself first. It is up to us to define what is our ideal, make it a reality and have fun along whichever self loving journey you may be taking! So stop hiding, worrying or trying to cover it up - love yourself, own your beauty and don't you dare apologise for it!