Stop playing catchup. Find your own speed.

I'm referring to self development here. Whether it's for your personal challenges or work related issues, it's important to figure out and tune yourself to work on the tempo that beats in tune with you. In this day and age, everything moves at such an astonishingly fast pace, at times can feel impossible to catch up, stay relevant and share your ideas without feeling like their out of date by the time your ready to share them. 

Working in a creative field, the fashion industry especially, it's notoriously known for this vicious cycle of what you could call "keeping up appearances". Let's examine the current fashion calendar for example - an established Womenswear brand is expected to design and show 4 ready to wear collections as well as the possibility of Couture. With each collection, on average, creating 30 looks. That's at least 150 looks each year with roughly just under 2 and a half months to create each collection. 

I know some of you may be thinking that seems entirely possible especially with a vast and talented team with great direction and brand heritage. And your right, in some cases it seems to work. Take Karl Lagerfeld for example. He oversees and creates with he's team at Chanel, 5 collections a year. As well as the same at Fendi and 4 collections a year at he's own label. In addition to working on various side projects like photography and artwork. The man is a legend in he's field and not many can compare to he's extensive range of work output and ethic. However, my personal opinion (this is where it gets tricky), I feel Karl's style is gradually merging into one signature look across all these brands he's directing the vision of. Chanel shows are the highlight of Paris Fashion Week with highly detailed and theatrical set designs - yet whenever I view the actual clothes (this is the integral factor to each season not the set design guys) they always tend to look so similar in silhouette. Season after season there's evidently a main inspiration to each yet all the silhouettes have tended to remain the same. It simply doesn't excite me anymore. 

We have seen a case of many talented designers leaving by choice or being replaced at reputable fashion houses and it makes me wonder - are we all fighting against our own system? Keeping up with the pace of fashion can be hugely draining which kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? If we are slowly but surely being drained of our creativity just to keep consumers happy. 

Yes I am aware that the fashion industry, like most, is still a business that relies on the sale of its goods. Yet the industry has become so overly commercial and adapted to an incredibly outdated 'fast fashion' calendar, I feel we have almost forgotten the true skills and artistry that got us to this platform to begin with. Instead of challenging ourselves and discovering innovative design, many brands have adjusted to prioritising their focus on offering commercial items that lack origination and pure inspiration. 

Yet when we are presented or come across items of high value, that have took months on end to create - most of us will question why it costs so much or believe we can buy something similar at a more reasonable price (who are we kidding?). And this is highly applicable for many industries not just fashion. 

Having discovered this myself, it was one of the main reasons to establish my own brand. I wanted to reenergise the creative spark I had somewhat lost within my own work as I had become so accustomed to creating fairly impressive work, but it didn't feel precious to me. True quality and design simply cannot be rushed. And this is a factor I am still learning within myself. Understanding and acknowledging what works for me and what I envision for my brands development. I do not follow trends nor am I following the fashion calendar and soon I believe many more start ups will follow a similar path. When it comes to you and your passion, whatever it is your working on - push yourself but understand what tempo works for you. Working at your own pace will allow you to learn, succeed and attract a better everything in general. Be patient with your personal progress. Do not rush yourself to learn too fast just to keep up with your competition, improve or put out content just to stay relevant. Because no matter where you are in your journey, if you have a dream and a vision, it will be relevant one day.