A Shirt Study Collection

A Shirt Study Collection

The Sofia

I first heard of Sofia Coppola through a Christian Dior ad campaign. I clearly remember the ad for it's light-hearted and playful style featuring model Maryna Linchuk, who was whimsically exploring the streets of Paris. I discovered that the advert was directed by Sofia and from there I wanted to find out more about her. Sofia has since influenced my mindset towards my work as she directs and represents women in a strong and positive light. It's easy to recognise Sofia's personal style for combining masculine and feminine elements. As these are aspects that I thrive off within my work. You can  see with the Sofia piece it features classic aspects of a shirt paired with a slightly boyish detail of being able to tie around the hips. For me, when I really want to feel comfortable focusing on my work, I roll up my sleeves or tie my shirt around my hips. Instantly with these changes I feel more at ease and comfortable to work. The Sofia piece isn't forceful. It's care-free, confident and allows you, to be you.

The Garançe

For the past several years, Garançe Doré has been a huge inspiration of mine, both professionally and personally. I first discovered Garançe through her illustrations, which opened my eyes to a much simpler and less heavily detailed approach to sketching. Through being an admirer of her sketches, I discovered her blog which features fashion and style to moving cities and improving her diet. Through witnessing this type of insight into her life, I felt an instant connection to her as an individual. Her honest approach and relatable style resinates to her audience with an effortless approach to uplift all females. One moment that will live with me forever is meeting Garançe in 2015 and witnessing her overwhelmingly positive response she receives from other women. It's influenced me to dedicate a shirt to who she is and what she stands for. The piece includes classic details finished with a slightly oversized fit with an unexpected cut-out detail at the back. The Garançe doesn't take itself too seriously and radiates a playful energy. 

The Natalia 

Natalia Vodianova is a Russian supermodel who I discovered through various fashion publications and platforms, notably for her involvement in Stella McCartney's ad campaigns. her soft facial features and natural aesthetic of beauty were an instant attraction to me, they have an effortless and honest appeal. Natalia also has a fairly soft and romantic aesthetic when it comes to her personal style and these were aspects I wanted to reflect within the Natalia piece. Featuring a classic build at the front paired with a slight delicate softness and subtle innocence of an open pleated detail at the back. 

The Romy - 

Through watching the Mademoiselle C documentary, I became familiar with French actress Romy Schneider through a scene where Carine Roitfeld was introducing Karl Lagerfeld to her granddaughter, also called Romy. Witnessing that moment, it alerted me to find out who Romy Schneider was. Since discovering her sense of fashion, it's notable how Romy acquires such a captivating aura just by looking at a picture of her. She hold a sense of mystery, romance, beauty, grace, poise and subtle confidence. That quietly demands attention when she enters a room. All of which are elements I wanted to capture within the Romy piece. It's a piece I curated by picturing Ms Schneider wearing during the 1960's in the south of France.

The Rumi

Back in 2010 whilst studying, I came across the website Fashion Toast founded by fashion blogger Rumi Neely. She was known for wearing various self styled outfits with such ease that instantly caught mine and many others attention. She seems to have such an effortless way of pulling off almost any outfit she styles together. Be it a pair of boyfriend jeans with a white tee or a slinky velvet slip dress. She reflects the modern day women who dresses for herself, a girls girl. She has a carefree and fearless way of combining outfits to create such romantic yet contemporary looks. The Rumi piece was produced to capture her signature style of poise, mystery and sex appeal, specially dedicated to Miss Neely. 

The Françoise 

Françoise Hardy was another exceptional Woman who I discovered through Garançe's blog. The French actress and singer was an icon for French style, which made me want to look into Françoise's influence within fashion. After a little digging, I instantly loved her personal style and approach. For me, Françoise is the perfect example of combining both British and French 60's and 70's fashion aesthetics. Together mixing aspects considered boyish such as a baker cap or a men's tie with a modish sexy appeal in wearing it with a cute mini skirt. The Françoise combines a slightly revealing halter-neck style shirt with a scooped pleated back to expose a subtle yet sexy amount of bare skin. 

The Zaha 

Architecture is a form of design I have always loved. Whilst studying, I discovered the works of Dame Zaha Hadid. Recognised for her dynamic, futuristic approach and fluid, curved lines, which reminded me of a woman's body. In such a male dominated industry, Zaha was a pioneer in gracing the world through her female presence. She acquired a power which refused to conform to the norm. She evoked such an exciting chaos and flux of modern life with a formidable personality to match it. Her influence transcended me to a produce a piece in tribute to such a formidable woman, pioneer and talent who the world and I will miss dearly. The Zaha piece captures a sense of structure and strength with its boxy fit and sleeves combined with the fluid lines of pleats that gently wrap over at the front. 

The Bianca

Around 5 years ago through Garançe Doré's blog, I was introduced to Bianca Jagger. Through browsing images of her I was instantly intrigued by her beauty and bold approach on fashion. Bianca was propelled into the spotlight through her marriage to Mick, however what stood out to me was what she wore to her wedding; a white blazer and a tailored skirt. I felt it was something very unusual to see but exceptionally unique and refreshing. Since seeing how impactful her personality was through that picture, I've become a great admirer of her style. She embodies such a confidence and doesn't dress for anyone but herself. Fearless and welcoming to risk, the Bianca shirt is slightly risqué yet unapologetic in being so.

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