The Colour Chronicles

For all of us, colour is an integral part of our daily lives whether we sit up and notice it or not. From the moment we wake up and see the sun shining with a warm orange hue to the sky - I feel confident in saying it all makes us feel pretty damn happy about our day ahead right? Whether we consciously recognise it or not, from the day each of us were born, colour naturally integrates itself as an essential part of the story of our lives so far.

Myself, working in the creative industry, colour is without question, one of the most important factors. From setting the tone to the season to impacting how well items sell. Cue that scene from the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada' - when Meryl Streep's character calmly scrutinises Anne Hathaway's sweater. Informing us that her sweater is 'not just blue, it's not turquoise. It's not lapis. It's actually cerulean.' (This is important stuff guys, google cerulean now and appreciate the hues)

Furthermore, did you know that artist, Vincent Van Gogh, used to eat yellow paint. Yep, you read that correctly. Van Gogh associated the colour with happiness so he would eat yellow paint because he thought it would get the happiness inside him. Many people thought he was crazy for doing so because the paint was toxic, never mind that it was obvious that eating paint couldn’t possibly trigger one's happiness, right? But I see it like this. If you were so unhappy that even the maddest idea could possibly help, like painting the walls of your internal organs yellow, than you are going to do it.

I'll cut to the chase here, it got me thinking, everyone has their yellow paint. So what colours do we love and why?

I feel more or less certain of my personal favourite colours. Anyone that knows me can tell you since the age of 6 I've been obsessed with the colour green - a muted khaki to be exact. To the extent I would only pick out the green coloured sweets from the pick'n'mix stand at the cinema. I just had this feeling they would taste better? (Vincent Van Gogh, I feel you). Crazy, I know.

Along with the colour green, I adore a dusty pink, blush, all skin tones, a cloudy pale blue, dark (almost black but not quite) navy, sand tones, a rich Scarlet red (naturally), slightly off white, the occasional neon lime/yellow, light and dark greys, a bright orange, terracotta and some metallics (rose gold, gold and silver) for good measure. 

I'll be following this post with a series of articles studying a few of these colours I've mentioned and my emotional attachment to them. 

Whats colours have helped paint the story of your life? Leave a comment and let me know!