British Vogue 100: A Century of Style

My earliest memory of Vogue is the June 2006 issue. Kate Moss graced the cover wearing an ethereal dip-dyed tulle dress by John Galliano for Christian Dior which draped effortlessly off her shoulder. I remember thinking how beautiful the dress was and wondering how it was possible to create such a technique with a delicate fabric. 

That moment sparked my curiosity and desire to design my own version and I soon found myself flicking through the pages marking the items that I loved and how I wanted to create my own one day. 

Vogue has been a leading influencer in the development of my personal style since the age of 14, familiarising myself with various photographers, designers, models and events within the fashion industry, recognising which ones I love the most and why. As a young girl I would find myself day dreaming about one day working with such a calibre of talent and to this day still continues to motivate and inspire me, my work and my outlook on all things fashion. 

I wanted to share my favourite Vogue cover and a few images that have inspired my personal design aesthetic over the years.

Scarlett Cunningham